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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Mundosviras - To sign in Europe, you need a Schengen visa that could be administered through the Embassy of one of these countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic , Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Luthuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. Remember, the UK excluding Schengen, so must apply separately at the British Embassy. So with a visa, we can freely enter into the countries in Europe. Increasingly impatient to the streets to Europe instead?

Here are 10 of the best tips to make your travel to Europe sparingly.


Plan your trip properly. Buy a good guidebook like "Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring", or ask on the mailing lists / forums / acquaintances who've been there. Make a detailed travel itinerary so that you can book transportation and accommodation far in advance so that the price can be cheaper. Do not be too ambitious to visit many cities or countries in a short time because it will be more expensive. Live in the suburbs or in the countryside will be more efficient. Roads in Eastern Europe cheaper than Western Europe. Budget per day about € 40 in Western Europe, except in Switzerland supermahal. Eastern Europe is cheaper, a budget of about € 30 / day, except for Russia and Ukraine. Budget enough for accommodation, meals and local transportation ride. Buy Euro currency directly from Indonesia.


Allow at least 2 weeks. If it is less than it was just wrote only 'nyape-nyapein' bodies. Not worth it at the cost of air tickets. Do not go to Europe during the peak season, from June to August in the summer time so many local people on vacation. Do also go in the weeks approaching Christmas and New Year. Besides humans spilling everywhere, long lines, the price bounced up, too hard to find lodging and transportation. Europeans, especially France and Italy, really appreciate the quality of life. They will cool close up shop or hostel to enjoy a holiday with her own family.


Europe's biggest expenditure to exist on the ticket of Indonesia. Make sure you hunt for tickets far in advance. If you have a Frequent Flyer reward points his advantage by getting free tickets close as possible to the destination city. Try to download the open jaw ticket, which means going to and from different countries. For example, go to Frankfurt return from Rome. Thus when it had reached Rome, no longer need to waste time and money to return to Frankfurt. Flights between cities / countries in Europe too should be tried. With the rise of low cost airlines, such as Ryan Air or Easy Jet, will be much to save time and cost than a train ride.


Liked most frugal if there is a ride in the home of relatives or friends there. If confident, can also stay for free in the homes of people who can we know through But if you want to be a lot of fellow travelers and lazy indebted, stay in hostels. Most cheap if his dorm, 'to-do' one room in bunk beds with bathroom facilities. Count the price is per bed per night. Messages could hostel via online from websites that display information about the hostel.


To cross the countries in Europe, the most effective and efficient train. To save on the cost of staying, take the night train to arrive the next day, so do not pay for accommodation again. European rail cars divided into 3 types with the order of lowest to highest, namely Sleeper consists of 4 beds in one compartment, Couchettes consisting of 6 beds, and Compartment composed of 6 people (3-3) in the first compartment. If you plan to go to many countries in Western Europe, you should buy a Eurail Pass in the form of train tickets throughs to all EU countries. This season tickets are not valid for European citizenship so can not be sold there. In Indonesia could buy a travel agent or buy online at But if only three countries traveling alone or only to Eastern Europe alone, it is better to buy the tickets 'ketengan' directly at the station.


Eating in restaurants is obviously expensive, and also we have to pay a service charge along with the tip. The solution is better to buy a meal on the sidewalk alone. For the size of Indonesia, a roadside hawker in Europe quite filling. The choice of sausage, burger, kebab, crepes, etc., with large portions. If you want to eat a bit heavy, take advantage of the hostel providing breakfast or dinner package at a bargain price. Prices of food and beverages in hostels guaranteed cheaper than outside. Want cheaper again? When the hostel has a kitchen, buy groceries at the supermarket and cook in the hostel, such as frozen food, sandwiches, eggs. Rice is expensive in Europe, in the hostel was not provided rice cooker. So dare to forget to eat rice. Eating too there is the trick. Great meal twice a day, for example, at 11 noon and 6 pm, or 2 pm and 9 pm. Among them, buy a snack or bread at the supermarket. If the loss averse, bring dry food from Indonesia such as instant noodles, shredded, chilli sauce, instant coffee also.


A bottle of water in Europe could reach 2 euros (about USD 27 thousand). So better bring a drink bottle and refill the water in the faucet, can be in the water fountain or in a public restroom. Do not worry, the water can be drunk directly there. Moreover, water is healthy right?


Sign monuments, museums, attractions, the ticket price is not cheap. Then go to a place that you really want to go. If just want to make photographs to the envy of friends, better not to go up to the Eiffel Tower - just stand in front of him without paying the ticket. Many of the activities are free in Europe, such as walking down the pedestrian street and the canal, hanging out in the plaza, watching buskers, or a picnic in a public park. Find info on hostel or a fellow traveler on which the museum is free, or even free sponsored clubbing discotheque. When you have a strong determination to enter all points of travel and stay more than four days in a city, buy season tickets. For example, Paris or London Sightseeing Pass Pass that includes hundreds of museums, galleries, tourist attractions, free guide books, even including public transport like metro and buses.


So that is cheap and easy, air baggage not more than 15 kg and hand luggage is not more than 7 kg. The most practical to carry backpacks, and even then a maximum of 10 kg so that baseball objections. Do not bring mostly clothing and footwear, adjust with the seasons so no need to buy again. Be diligent washing clothes. Bring detergent from Indonesia and washing clothes by hand because the shower 1-2 pieces all hostels usually forbids washing clothes in the washing machine if not coins. For practical purposes, bring disposable innards and discarded. Still object carrying a backpack? When planning for a day trip somewhere, put stuff in a locker provided at the railway station. Carry only the essentials, like wallets, cameras, documents, cell phones in a small bag.


Age was significantly associated with the cheapness of travel in Europe. If you are aged less than 25 years then you will receive a 35% discount for Eurail Pass. If you are still in school, take advantage of the student card. With the card can be up to 50% discounts on museums and other attractions. Not limited to high school students only, but also for students S1, S2 and S3. So even though older, inexpensive possibility is still there, the origin of student status. Unfortunately not all places accept Indonesian student card, so now make an ISIC card (International Student Identity Card).

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tips Cheap Travel To China

Mundosviras - Who does not want Discount To China? China has always been a tourist attraction favored by tourists from all over the country. This is because China has the progress of the local culture and the many ancient buildings. Great Wall of China are evidence of the wonders of the world that reinforce the position of China as a tourist destination with an object that is so global. For those of you who have the funds barely fit, it was not a vacation to Japan or Korea. Just come on holiday to the country that has the largest population in the world. But what if you are going on vacation to China without travel agents is limited due to your budget? Still dare you? But you still can calm vacation to China without the help of a travel agent you speak English origin. The rapid advancement of the Chinese economy impact of globalization on the country, so many Chinese citizens who can speak English. It's easier for us when communicating with them when asking for addresses or buy something. Before the holiday to the country's good we have a careful planning.

At the time traveled with family attributes that often drain the wallet is accommodation, transportation and meals. It this is what you need to evade to control the cost of your holiday. Some Tips To China Discount Meriah:

1. Come at the right time

Before booking a flight, it's good you have to know more details about the weather or the climate of the country of China. It aims to prepare clothes and your budget during the holiday. You do not want it when you bring thin clothes and turns upon arrival in China even the chill of minus how many degrees. This could happen because of China season Spring, Fall, and Winter. Spring season occurs from April to May. Fall season occurs during the month of September to October. The best time to visit China is in the month. However, the consequence is that all prices will be expensive, because the moon will be many tourists who flock to China. The most inexpensive time all the attributes of his travel is during the winter season. But the consequences of what you'll get is the cold weather that would freeze the body even felt to the bone. After determining the best time to visit China, the next step is to do is to find plane tickets. Booking tickets was at least 3 months in advance to get cheap fares may even be able to get the promo. Air Asia you can choose for your flight, as the airline often give a ticket promo.

2. Preparation of Visa China

Once the plane tickets already in hand the next you do is create a Chinese visa. Due to enter China is not only enough to passport only. But you do not need to be pessimistic ahead and imagine that it is difficult to manufacture Chinese visas. You just come to the Chinese Consulate located in Kuningan. For more details you ask for help only to Uncle Google to get the complete address. Terms of carry is 4x6 size photo with a white background and colored and valid passport. Remember the period of validity of passport should not be a 6 month old when going on vacation to Foreign Affairs. You need to renew in advance if such a condition. Well, after all the full requirements of your stay fill out a form and pay the fee of Rp. 540,000 and can be taken 4 days ahead. Easy and fast, right? No need through an agency because it will be more expensive. Independent and take care of all your needs itself if it only had limited funds.

3. Prepare Payment Instruments

Tickets and Visa is already in hand, it's time to exchange your money into the Chinese currency. This is necessary because some small shops in China only accept cash for payment methods. In addition, you will be very difficult to find the money changers in the country. And the state does not accept US dollars for payment of any kind. So inevitably you have to prepare cash while on vacation in China. China's currency is the Yuan. In some big hotels and shopping centers in China can still accept credit cards. At the time of the transaction in Chin careful with counterfeit money. Because the country is famous for its rampant circulation of counterfeit money. Use method 3 D to examine her. Seen, touched, and diterawang.

4. Ordering Hotel

To get the hotel cheap hotels in China you can take advantage of several sites such as qunar, e-long, ctrip, and the like. You do not need to worry because the hotel cheap hotels in China remains neat and comfortable. Because they are more concerned with cleanliness.

5. Choose Public Transportation

The costs absorb most of your pocket is the cost of transportation. For that you need to have information with details about MDA public transport in this country. Because by using public transportation, the cost of transportation will you spend less. Used public transport is the bus, train and MRT (subway). Learn lah subway lines so you can effectively regulate your itenerary. My advice is to start lah explore big cities first. You can start from Shanghai state first before heading to Beijing and go to Guangzhou. If you want to visit the area very much able to choose the sleeper bus, so you can relax during a long trip. You can also use the train apai fast and ordinary trains.

6. Visited Attractions Effectively

 If you study the subway lines effectively, then you will be able to visit attractions with effective and cheaper of course. Imagine for MRT ticket one way from one end of town to the next city in Beijing just to spend 2 yuan or Rp.2.600. For that pilihah attractions you visit with effectively. For example, for those of you who pansy photo camera you can take pictures in some places such as Summer Palace, Olympic arena, the Ming Tombs, the Forbidden City, and of course the Great Wall. Create your hobby shop provide cash as much as the price of goods in China are very cheap. But keep in mind the cost of luggage yes. Stay in control of your expenses.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Saving Holiday Tips Travel in Singapore

Saving Holiday Tips Travel in Singapore - the thrill of travel with friends or family to the Lion City is certainly very pleasant let alone the cost of a vacation to Singapore is not so expensive juga.Karena we can anticipate our holiday budget to be more frugal this time plus a ticket to this country enough affordable for the traveler, and a lot of cheap lodging in sini.Negara famous with the lion's head into a traveler's selection of some of Indonesia when the holiday season due to lmengunjungi there is not too much and the cost of the holiday to Singapore is also not too expensive, sometimes even more expensive if our tourist in the country such as in Bali misalnya.Banyak cool and interesting places that we can visit while in Singapore such as the famous Chinatown area with a variety of souvenirs are cheap and nice.

If we do the first time will be a vacation to Singapore definitely need some information about travel in Singapura.Apa are interesting to visit, buy souvenirs where? As well as the need to budget how much money to Singapura.Agar holiday vacation to Singapore more comfortable, fun and affordable, we can consider some travel tips to Singapore the following:

1. Map the way in Singapore

To help us explore Singapore we first prepare a map or road travel in the Singapore.Peta can be obtained at Changi Aiport and in the harbor Harbour Front.Biasanya there are also some tourist information brochures are also in a more simple situ.Jika again we can browse Singapore map on the internet before leaving for vacation there.

2. Transport over in Singapore

During his stay in Singapore we can choose MRT and bus transportation, because the cost of a vacation to Singapore becoming more hemat.Selain it all the sights there must closest MRT station making it easier for us to road-jalan.Kita can also purchase a special season ticket rating her name STP (Singapore Tourist Pass to access the Bus, LRT or MRT) So after arriving at Changi Airport we can buy it in basement 2 terminal 2 ass open from 12:00 pm - 3:45 pm and 4:45 pm - 7:30 pm every harinya.Simak guide to how to use the facilities at the Singapore MRT.

3. Lodging in Singapore

To seek lodging in Singapore we can choose hostels models sharing room with another traveler or also cheap accommodation such as inns and apartments to save on holiday expenses kita.Penginapan not be too expensive as long as comfortable to rest, this is because we are definitely a day of sightseeing outside and arrived at the hotel usually is nighttime, we must break for a trip tomorrow's pagi.Lokasi alternative accommodation is in the Bugis or China Town.

4. List of Places in Singapore

Here are the tourist attractions in Singapore fun and interesting place to visit during our holidays there:
a. Botanical Garden (Tourist Park)
b. Orchard Road (shopping in Singapore because of its many malls)
c. Marlion (statue of a lion, should the photo here ya hahaha)
d. Esplanade (close to the art gallery Marlion)
e. Sri Mariaman Temple (Hindu temple located in the Chinatown area)
f. Bugis Junction (selling a variety of souvenirs)
g. Singapore River (Travel down the river by boat)
h. Singapore Flyer
i. Singapore Zoo
j. universal Studio
k. Resort World Sentosa and Sentosa Island.
l. Marina Bay Sands Sky Park and MBS
m. Chinatown

5. It is important when a vacation to Singapore

Remember important and emergency phone numbers.
If the holidays with keluraga see the info cheap hotels in Singapore for families.
Activity holidays in Singapore exclaimed: Cable Car ride, Singapore river, culinary, shopping in china town.
The place to buy souvenirs such as handicrafts from his key chains to bags in Chinatown besides cost bagus.Jika also want to buy jewelry or fabric can visit Little India
Taxis from the airport to the hotel in Orchard Road around 20 dollars Sin and if in the Marina area of ​​about 15 dollars Sin.
Many typical culinary selection in Singapore to enjoy reading at info culinary tour in Singapore.

6. Estimated Cost Holidays To Singapore

Estimated cost of saving holiday in Singapore for 3 days 2 nights:
a. Singapore Tax: $ 24
b. Singapore tourist pass plus for 2 days: $ 26 (This card for access to ride the MRT, LRT and Bus for Singapore, if we choose the plus we do not have a deposit, get a bonus on a ship at Marina Bay and ride the bus without a roof level)
c. Hostel for 2 nights: $ 44 (Hostel unique in Shophouse the Social Hostel)
d. 5 meal: $ 5 a meal so about $ 25
e. All prices are in Singapore dollars if 1 dollar Singapore 9500 rupiah, the total cost of over 1 million 83ribu rupiah in Singapore.

Costs above does not include air tickets and ferry if from Batam.Selain there is also a tour operator in Indonesia that offers tour packages to Singapore for 3 days 2 nights about 2 million, would tour backpackeran models.

That is some information on travel in Singapore along with saving vacation tips, travel guides above can hopefully help comrades who will be planning a holiday in Singapura.Selamat vacation.